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About Us

Welcome to Orthopedic Outfitters

Veteran owned and operated since 1999. The path to personal wellness and recovery is ever constant, with strides being made every day to improve your health. Pushing through each workout, rest day, or injury only further fuels the desire to achieve excellence. That’s why at Orthopedic Outfitters, we believe that reaching that excellence can be enhanced by having the highest quality gear and equipment you can fully rely on. 
Reliable, top-tier equipment is only the tip of the iceberg. At Orthopedic Outfitters, we know that supplying the gear to push you towards complete wellness is only the beginning. Great supply must come with great support, which is where we shine. Working with both clinicians and consumers for over 20 years, we understand what having great equipment to support your goals truly means. Whether it’s Hely Weber, Incrediwear, CanDo or Therabody, rest easy knowing you have the best, most trusted equipment to propel you to excellence.