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Orthopedic Outfitters offers the highest quality products, pricing, and customer service. Our diverse team has decades of experience in non-pharma pain management equipment such as therapeutic laser, shockwave, electro-therapy, ultrasound, specialty medical tables and a whole suite of health and fitness equipment.  Looking to expand your clinic?  We have Pilates, yoga, whole body vibration, balance and fall prevention, Shuttle, Total Gym and thousands of products available to help you and your staff deliver the best care to your patients, athletes and clients.

We are early adopters, staying ahead of the curve with new technology from hundreds of industry leading brands including: Axelgaard, Bird and Cronin, Bailey, Breg, BSN Medical, Bauerfiend, CanDo, Chattanooga, Corflex, Core, Cramer, DonJoy, Dynatronics, Fabrication Enterprise, Fitter, Formthotics, Galaxy, GameReady, Hausmann, HawkGrips, Hely Weber, Medical Fitness Solutions, Medline, Mettler, Mueller, My Range Master, NorthCoast, NDC, Neurotech, NuStep, Oakworks, Otto Bock, Orthofix, Ossur, Perform Better, Performance Health, PrePak, RichMar, RockTape, Roscoe, Sanctband, Shuttle, SciFit, SportsArt, SPRI, Stander, StarTrac, Southwest Technologies, Stonehaven Medical, Therapy Systems, Travanti Medical, TheraBand, Wagan, Whitehall and dozens of other brands.

We offer the highest quality products covering modalities, laser, light therapy, class 3 laser, class 4 laser, TENS, electrodes, AED’s, diathermy, high percussion massage, whole body vibration, ThermoStim, hot therapy, cold therapy, clinical supplies, Pilates, wellness, rehabilitation, hand therapy, treatment tables, chiropractic tables, cardio, fitness, strengthen, hydrotherapy, therapy pools, functional restoration, diagnostic, orthopedic bracing, sports injuries, athletic training, parallel bars, tilt tables, podiatry equipment, kinesiology tape, sports rehabilitation, sports performance, spinal decompression, traction, soft tissue oscillation, IASTIM, shockwave therapy, radial pulse therapy, massage, patient supplies, weights, cardiac rehab and a multitude of pain management devices.

You have options for shopping and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your patients. We have helped thousands of businesses save money.  Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you.  We appreciate every order!

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