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Biodex Rehab Gait Trainer 3

Treadmill with biofeedback instrument deck and Excel report export

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The only treadmill with an instrumented deck that monitors and records step length, step speed and step symmetry, the Gait Trainer 3 lets you prove patients are getting better, faster – and documents results.

More than a treadmill, the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 puts evidence-based techniques at your fingertips. By combining audio cueing, visual biofeedback and music-assisted therapy integration, the Gait Trainer 3 helps promote neuroplasticity… creating new pathways to movement.

The addition of real-time visual biofeedback has been shown to motivate patients, prompting them into proper gait patterns. Only the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 provides a comparison of actual footfall to target step length. This real-time biofeedback helps patients stay on target in each phase of rehabilitation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive Software and Large Display: 15.6" touchscreen display for enhanced user experience.
  • Open Platform: Enables patient access for therapist interaction; easily accommodates BWSTT with the Biodex Unweighing System.
  • Instrumented Deck: Platform monitors and records step length, step speed and right-to-left time distribution (step symmetry).
  • Audio Cueing and Visual Biofeedback: Motivates patients with real-time biofeedback, prompting proper gait patterns. Biofeedback helps patients stay on target in each phase of rehabilitation.
  • Music-Assisted Therapy Package: Optional library of neurologic music. Specific musical components and correct beats per minute help promote neuroplasticity and facilitate desired gait patterns.
  • Microsoft SQL Database: Allows clinician to easily store and retrieve patient data, multiple tests per patient. Export to Excel® for reporting and analytics.
  • Objective Documentation: Lets you quantify patient progress and demonstrate the benefits of treatment. Biodex technology helps accelerate positive patient outcomes, and then lets you prove it.
  • Normative Data: Robust database of healthy population by age and gender for comparative patient assessment.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar® contact handgrips (telemetry compatible) ensures proper training intensity.
  • Connect & Engage: Allows connection to external keyboard, mouse, large monitors and projectors to enhance interaction for visually impaired patients

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