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Biodex Rehab medBike

Recumbent Stepper designed for seated users or those with wheelchairs

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Designed for people with physical limitations, Biodex Rehab medBike enables both upper and lower movement training in one compact device. Users can access forward and reverse pedaling in three modes of customizable exercise: Active, Passive and Pedal Assisted mode. The Continuous Control System in Pedal Assisted mode measures strength of user’s input and assists with the rotational movement when needed.

Simple operation supports independent use in the home, or in clinical settings. Upper body trainer swivels into place with a simple twist/turn knob. Height adjustment is fast and easy for any individual. The open design offers comfortable access when exercising from a chair or wheelchair, allowing for earlier movement training interventions across a range of indications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Program Personalized Exercise: Whether in Active, Passive or Pedal-Assisted mode, users can program an individualized exercise session with specific resistance and time values. Forward and reverse pedaling movement can even be combined into one training session.
  • Support Training with Data: Individualized training sessions are set using the easy-to-read touch display, and end with a detailed exercise summary.
  • For residential and professional use
  • Use comfortably from any chair or wheelchair
  • Highly effective in assisting neurologic rehabilitation
  • Research shows the higher rpm levels offered by medBike in Pedal Assisted mode (90 rpm) may improve motor function for patients with Parkinson’s.
  • Speed can be controlled based on user capacity

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