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Biodex Rehab Mobility Assist

Motorized stand-assist walker for patients to improve mobility

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The Biodex Rehab Mobility Assist is a motorized stand-assist device that brings patients from a seated to standing position with the protection of a safety harness. As the patient stands using correct biomechanics, their center of gravity remains within the support of the device.

Once standing, the patient has controlled body weight and standing balance and can initiate ambulation. If they can move their legs, they can walk with the Mobility Assist. From bedside or wheelchair to anywhere in the clinic or hospital setting – even outside to enjoy good weather in the courtyard – the Mobility Assist will mobilize patients who have difficulty rising from a seated to standing position.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safety harness: Securely supports patients during lift and ambulation.   
  • Safe patient support: Encourages independent movement and addresses disuse atrophy.
  • No patient lifting required: Mitigates injury to staff and reduces risk of falls.
  • Frame: Fits around standard wheelchairs and can pass through 36" doorway.
  • Motorized control: Either therapist or patient can operate the hand-held controller for assisted standing. 
  • Rechargeable battery: Easily recharged to provide many hours of service.

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