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Biodex Rehab System 4 Pro

Equipment to diagnose, treat and document physical impairments

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Biodex Rehab System 4 Pro is a versatile product used to identify, treat, and document physical impairments and physical therapy progress. It is intended to be used as a testing and training tool to help patients and clinicians identify weaknesses and areas for improvement.

The System 4 is used with patients that may have physical impairments that cause functional limitations. Athletic injuries may include hamstring injury, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, knee osteoarthritis, lateral ankle sprains, and patellofemoral dysfunction. Other patients include orthopedic, pediatric, and patients with movement disorders, neurologic pathologies, or general deconditioning. System 4 testing can also identify muscle weaknesses to prevent workplace injury (occupational medicine).

Featuring six modes of operation, the Biodex System 4 continues to offer pioneering breakthroughs in neuromuscular testing and rehabilitative technology. Biodex assessments of physical impairments provides patients a fast, effective, documented return to function. The Biodex System 4 is sensitive to your patient's limits. Progressive and interactive features keep you in complete control. Dynamic and static muscle loading environments provide unlimited combinations of technique and application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced dynamometer technology for greater performance
  • Seat design accommodates athlete to pediatric applications
  • Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSC prevents intrusive update
    pop-ups and requests
  • Software interface, no other system is faster or easier to use
  • Feature rich software proves need, progress and outcome
  • Touchscreen for quick, easy operation
  • Simplified patient positioning with on-screen audio and visual aids
  • Requires only 64 sq-ft of operating space
  • Activity-specific work simulation exercises
  • Wide range of normative data, from pediatric through adults, ages 5 - 83
  • Excellent after-sale support, installation and continuing education programs

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