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Biodex Rehab Upper Body Cycle

Upper body equipment to enhance mobility and muscle tone during rehab

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The Biodex Rehab Upper Body Cycle is a versatile ergometer that can be used in orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiac, sports medicine, wellness, or home settings. It will exercise individuals with limited upper-body function, help enhance mobility and muscle tone in the shoulder, back, neck, wrist, and elbow, and give healthy athletes a grueling workout. Provides a great warm-up prior to all upper body exercises.

Use the Upper Body Cycle anywhere. There is no need for AC power, since the internal battery is automatically recharged when work rates reach or exceed 30 watts and 50 rpm. The battery-supported system maintains all settings and LED displays before and after cycling. An AC adapter is provided for extended use at work rates below 30 watts and 50 rpm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-powered, self-charging, cordless capability: use it anywhere!
  • Pivoting actuator: accommodates wide range of cycling positions
  • Adjustable Crank Length: crank adjusts from 6" to 16" to help control range of motion provided for a variety of arm and upper body exercises
  • Instantaneous retro-cycling
  • Up to 600-watt work rate range to accommodate a wide spectrum of ability levels
  • Isokinetic Resistance: (speed control) for building strength
  • Heart rate monitoring: Telemetry compatible to ensure proper training intensity 
  • Easy-to-use "Quick-Start" control panel: with large buttons
  • Large, easy-to-view LED display
  • Ergonomically correct for users from 4'6" to 6'10" tall, and weighing up to 500 lb
  • Removable seat for wheelchair or standing access
  • Comfortable rotating seat with seat belt and grab handles - easy wheelchair transfers - belt and handles provide added security
  • EZ-Grip hand grips allow users to firmly hold onto crank handles 

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