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Bauerfeind EpiTrain® Elbow Brace

Original price $96.99 - Original price $96.99
Original price $96.99
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Bauerfeind’s EpiTrain® braces and supports deliver targeted relief for severe, persistent elbow pain, also called golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow. It gets to work right at the root of the problem: the tendons and muscles of the elbow and forearm.

  • Alleviates pain and relieves the irritated muscle-tendon junction
  • Improves elbow mobility
  • Allows inflammation and swelling to subside more quickly
  • Offers a perfect fit, breathable knitted fabric and a particularly soft bending zone


  • 01 Three-dimensional Train active knit
    for a perfect fit
  • 02 Reduced pressure at the edges
    prevents constriction
  • 03 High elasticity
    for easy fitting and removal, comfortable to wear
  • 04 Viscoelastic Epicon+ Pads with epicondyle cut-outs
    support and provide pressure relief for the elbow, accelerate absorption of edema and effusion to ensure the secure positioning of the support
  • 05 Firmer material components with frictional nubs
    relieve pain and encourage the elbow's healing process
  • 06 Elbow area with a soft and breathable zone
    improves wearing comfort