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Range Master Stretch Strap (Blue-Webbing)

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  • CENTER LOOP: Our 9 elastic loops allow you to center the band and pull evenly in the direction of your stretch. The two-end straps are the perfect fit for your hands to grasp the stretch band and pull where you need to.
  • STATIC AND DYNAMIC STRETCHING: Our dual-sided strap includes non-stretch webbing on one side and elastic stretchable loops on the other. Great for addressing all of your stretching needs
  • STRETCH: Gentle, prolonged stretches are simplified with the RangeMaster Stretch Strap. 76 inches of durable nylon webbing is complemented with tough elastic loops stitched in that provide anchoring position for feet and/or hands
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for yoga, Pilates, ballet, CrossFit, and physical therapy, warming up with a stretch strap helps to prevent injuries and enhances muscle recovery
  • PORTABLE WORKOUT: Take the stretch strap with you and never miss your daily stretching routine. The one-inch-wide strap comes with several exercise routines in a user guide