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Spirit Fitness MT200 Medical Treadmill

Gait training treadmill for rehabilitation and physical therapy

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MT200 Medical Treadmill combines many versatile features a clinician needs to make patients feel confident towards rehabilitation and improvement. Healthcare providers can utilize essential features as well as many adjustable options. For clinicians whose patients suffer from gait imbalances, both left and right side step lengths can be measured to document progress. Clinicians can refer to both graphical and numerical measurements provided on the display for precise reference.

The removable parallel bars offer handrail support for added patient safety. Adjustments can also accommodate users of various heights and fitness abilities. Bars adjust 25 to 35 inches in height, 20 to 31 inches in width, and the length extends to the full length of the deck. The removable step provides a lower step-up height for people who need a bit more stability getting on and off the treadmill. This is ideal for individuals who cannot make a big step - such as individuals with balance limitations, smaller range of motion, or older adults.

With many features, this easy-to-use console displays and downloads important workout data. Workout data can be downloaded directly to a computer via USB connection. Feedback windows display METs, symmetry, cadence, stride lengths, steps, and pace. You can easily select either preset or programmable modes for diverse, versatile routines. Programs can interactively adapt to patients' characteristics, using input info such as weight and gender as the basis to maximize their rehabilitation.

With two lift motors - one in front and the other at the back - clinicians can create uphill and downhill walking for patients. An overhead harness can be used for patients for less strenuous unweighted exercises. This type of exercise allows improved lower body movement training without the patient bearing his or her whole body weight on the treadmill. The deck can be elevated to accommodate unweighted exercises. The 3.0 horsepower continuous duty speed motor goes forward from 0 to 10 mph and reverse up to 3 mph. Reverse walking is helpful to train muscles not normally exercised during forward walking alone. Small speed increments can be easily adjusted for patients of all conditions and ages.

Features and Benefits:

  • Parallel bars adjust up, down and in width for safety
  • Multiple default and customizable programs are available
  • The step makes access to the deck easier
  • Data captures patient performance
  • Motors create a platform for uphill and downhill walking
  • The belt and deck are low-maintenance
  • A powerful motor is bi-directional
  • The program measures step length on right and left sides