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PopSole Shoe Insert

Customizable shoe insert for pain relief plus arch and heel support

by PopSole
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Size(s): Small, Large

PopSole provides relief from minor to chronic foot pain through an instantly customizable foot insole designed to fit your needs.

The kit includes two insoles, a marking pen, a push pin, waterproof stickers, and an instruction manual.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Personalized Heel Pain Relief: Pop a bubble corresponding to pinpoint heel pain, or see if your heel enjoys walking on air.
  • Adjustable Arch Support: Whether you have a high-arched foot or flat foot, our
  • unique layered arch allows you to pop it down to size.
  • Adjustable metatarsal pad: For ball of foot pain, keep the metatarsal pad high. Pop it down in height if you feel too much pressure.
  • Trim-to-fit Edge: Match up the insole from your shoe to the PopSole. Use scissors to cut along the edge. Don’t worry if you cut some bubbles along the way, the interior bubbles will not deflate.
  • Forefoot Bubbles Designed to Optimize Pressure Relief: The forefoot bubbles are designed in line with your metatarsal bones. Hold PopSoleTM up to your foot, mark underneath your areas of greatest discomfort, and pop the bubbles from the underside for extra relief.


Women's Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size
Small 6 - 9 5 - 8
Large 10 - 14 9 - 12 


Caution: Contains sharp objects. Keep away from children.