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Alleviate Arch Massager

Manual foot massager for arch pain and plantar fasciitis discomfort

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Original price $59.99
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Purpose-built to repair the root cause of your pain. Repair your arch and accelerate recovery with science-backed techniques at home.

When there is too much load on your arch during activity, your body creates a build-up of painful scar tissue. Our patented tool delivers a professional-grade massage that boosts circulation and breaks up scar tissue - aligning your muscles and tendons, relaxing your arch into a normal posture, and relieving pain. Use alone, or for best results, use as part of the Alleviate System for a comprehensive treatment solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual arch design reaches where other massagers can’t. Pinpoint hotspots in your foot to adjust scar tissue. 
  • Precision-engineered for targeted pain relief. Accessible soft-tissue mobilization at home.
  • Dimpled surface creates friction. Durable materials are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Feet glide effortlessly for controlled massage.
  • Easy to use while standing or sitting.
  • Legs fold in and out for easy transport and storage. Rubberized base grips the floor, allowing you to apply as much pressure as a professional grade massage.
  • Portable and durable. Toss it in your luggage or workout bag.
  • 2-3 min/day gets you a professional grade massage. 
  • Note: This product is not intended for those with impaired sensation in their feet.