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BioSkin Premium Ankle Compression Brace

Wraparound ankle brace for support & swelling after surgery or injury

by BioSkin
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Size(s): XS/Small, Medium/Large, XL/XXL

The Premium Ankle Compression Brace Wraparound is designed to stabilize the hindfoot and ankle to speed the recovery process. The unique wraparound design with adjustable flaps lets you fit the brace perfectly to your ankle as swelling is reduced in the foot. The front closure also allows for a pain-free and easy application process, especially when compared to a stiff lace-up brace design. Additional swelling control is provided by removable gel pads behind each of the ankle bones. The gel pads can also be placed in the freezer for cold therapy. An additional stirrup strap comes with the brace for joint stabilization during the recovery process.

Features and Benefits:

  • Entirely Adjustable Fit: The Premium Ankle Compression Brace is made with velcro-compatible material so a customized fit can be achieved with every use. This is especially important for swollen ankles after a surgery or traumatic injury. As the swelling in your foot goes down, just keep adjusting the brace for a comfortably compressive fit each time. 
  • Slim Enough for Most Shoes: In order to make an extremely comfortable and functional ankle brace, we knew we had to make it slim enough to fit comfortably in the shoes you wear on a daily basis. The Premium Ankle Compression Brace Wraparound is designed to hug your foot and ankle and slide into most athletic shoes and sandals easier than a standard lace-up ankle brace.
  • Trimmable for A Custom Fit: Everyone’s feet are different,which is why a one-size-fits-all ankle brace is a terrible idea! We made the base sleeve fabric of the Premium Ankle Compression Brace Wraparound entirely trimmable to make sure your ankle brace fits your foot perfectly. We recommend trimming the end of the brace to hit the ball of your foot for the most comfortable fit. You can also trim the wraparound flaps and the top of the brace for even more customization.


  • Ankle sprains
  • Ankle osteoarthritis pain
  • post-surgery
  • swelling control


Measure the circumference from back, bottom-most part of the heel to across the top of the foot.

how to measure for sizing XS - S 11 - 13in 27.9 - 33cm
M - L 12.5 - 14in 31.8 - 35.6cm
XL - 2XL 13.5 - 15in 34.3 - 38.1 cm