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BioSkin Wrist Brace

Wrist brace for treating pain, sprains, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by BioSkin
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Size(s): XS/Small, Medium/Large, XL/XXL

Orientation: Right, Left

Say hello to relief with the BioSkin Wrist Brace: the ultimate solution to stabilize your wrist joint, relieve pain, and put you on the path to recovery. 

Remove and reshape the lightweight, supportive aluminum stays on the top and bottom of the wrist brace to suit your unique wrist shape. Four adjustable straps allow you to easily customize the brace's fit and wrist support level, ensuring a comfortable fit tailored to your needs. 

The low-profile and ergonomic design means you can fully use your fingers and thumbs while the brace provides the support your wrists need to heal and avoid further injury. 

The BioSkin wrist brace is comfortable enough to wear while you sleep, accelerating your recovery from conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wrist sprains. Many people find that sleeping with the BioSkin Wrist Brace relieves pain and improves functionality the next day. 

No more sweaty and uncomfortable wrists! The BioSkin Wrist Brace features hypoallergenic, breathable materials, ensuring you stay cool, dry, and comfortable, even during extended use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Get the Perfect Fit: Remove and shape the brace’s aluminum stays to fit the exact contours of your wrist and hand. These lightweight stays comfortably support your wrist, reducing pain and speeding the healing process
  • You'll Forget You Have It On: The BioSkin Wrist brace’s low profile and ergonomic design won’t get in your way as you move from one activity to the next. You can fully use your fingers while your wrist gets much-needed support
  • Sleep Your Way to Recovery: Most people curl their wrists when they sleep, putting extra pressure on the median nerve and worsening their pain the next day. Sleeping with the BioSkin wrist brace keeps your wrist neutrally positioned, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day


  • Wrist sprains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist pain


Measure the circumference of the extended wrist

XS/Small 4 - 6 inches
Medium/Large 6 - 8 inches
XL/XXL 8 - 10 inches