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CanDo Half Round Foam Roll

Semicircle foam roll for massage, sports recovery and physical therapy

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$8.46 - $14.45
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Dimensions: 3 x 6in

Size(s): 12in, 36in

The CanDo White Half Round PE Foam Roller is terrific for muscle restoration, massage therapy, sport recovery, and physical therapy. This roller offers a ton of versatility because it can be used to improve positioning, balance, body awareness and coordination and strengthening activities. As seen in clinics and gyms nationwide, this roller is ideal for stretching and rehabilitating the hips, legs, back, neck and shoulders. Half round rollers are also terrific for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. This foam roller is also a great massager. Turn it into your own personal massage therapist after an intensive workout.

This roller is great for increasing blood flow and improving blood circulation. While effective alone, it works great in tandem with other equipment like the CanDo exercise bands, tubing, weights or balls. It also works great on loosening and unknotting tight muscles while restoring flexibility.

At 3" high, this roller is ideal for muscle posture re-education, spinal stabilization and other motion and strengthening exercises. Suitable for adults and children, this roller fits all body types and is uniquely designed to fit the needs of both beginners and professional athletes alike.

Easy to clean, this is a commercial grade therapy roller available for home, personal use.