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CanDo Inflatable Balance Disc

Inflatable disc for balance training, kinesthesia and strengthening

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Dimensions: 14 x 2.5 x 14in

The CanDo inflatable vestibular disc mimics the movement and shape of an inflatable ball when used on any seat. Use it on the floor as a standing disc for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the lower extremities. Each disc has one nubby side for tactile feedback and stimulation, and one flat side. Disc inflates and deflates with standard pump. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Active Seat Cushion: The CanDo Balance Cushion is designed to fit any seat. Mimicking an exercise ball, the cushion supports the body's need for movement and requires active participation from the user to assume a correct sitting posture and relieve back pain.
  • Wide Range of Benefits: Not just for sitting, standing on the Disc is ideal for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the core muscles. Enhance workouts too by incorporating the disc into strengthening and toning exercise routines.
  • Dynamic Seating and Static Positioning: The Disc combines dynamic seating and static positioning. Inflate or deflate to vary the degree of difficulty. Great for kids to increase attention and focus. Ideal for sciatica and improving Range-of-Motion.
  • Freshen Up Your Exercise Routine: Sit-ups on the disc? Only if you’d like to increase difficulty and effectiveness. Push-ups too. The Disc can be incorporated into nearly every exercise routine to give them a new twist and enhance the difficulty.
  • Dual Sided Comfort: The Inflatable Disc is dual-sided. One side is textured with nubs for tactile feedback. The other side is smooth, for ultimate comfort in your home, office, school, or anywhere the disc is used. Please note, Disc is Latex-free.