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Dynatronics DCP3 TriWave Light Probe

Light therapy treatment probe accessory for the Solaris Plus device

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Original price $2,215.00
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Deliver any combination of 3-wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue) using the Dynatron TriWave™ Light Probe. 

TriWave Light Therapy, optional accessories to the Solaris Plus, provides delivery of a single wavelength of light or any combination of 3-wavelengths of light (red, infrared, and blue) that allow for 7 different light treatment combinations. Solaris Plus TriWave Light Therapy pads and probes are specifically designed for treating smaller areas. The probe has a treatment area of 6 cm2 and should be applied in direct contact with the surface of the skin over the treatment area. The Dynatron TriWave has been cleared by the FDA to provide topical heating for temporary increase in blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness and relaxation of muscles; for muscle spasms and minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Protective eyewear required.


Light probe is shown with TriWave Light Pads. Pads are sold separately.