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Hely & Weber deQ Thumb Orthosis

Thumb and wrist brace for De Quervains syndrome treatment and recovery

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$30.19 - $30.19
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Hand: Ambidextrous

Size(s): Universal

Features and Benefits:

  • Open stay reduces pressure over the first dorsal compartment preventing pain
  • Trimmable straps and bendable stay for customized fit to the patient
  • Universal size
  • Low profile
  • Functional
  • Comfortable

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Braces - allow me to heal my hands and care for my baby!

I have a four month old and have been dealing with DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis since the third trimester. I tried a drug store brace, which actually felt ok and helped, but had too much material on the palms and was too scratchy (the fabric and the velcro) to wear while caring for my baby. That meant there was only a very limited time during the day (and not at all during the night) that I could wear it.

I couldn't tell from the photos online if this one would work, but I contacted OrthOut and the rep assured me that this one was not scratchy at all. Great customer service thanks!

I bought two and am glad I did. After wearing overnight, the base of my thumbs feels better (was always worse in the morning without). I can wear these while caring for my baby, which is awesome! They don't much if any material covering the palms and the fabric and velcro on this one are soft enough that when I hold my baby it's not hurting him. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend to anyone with "mommy thumb".