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Med Spec Gripper Hinged Knee Brace

Knee brace for muscle, join or tendon injury treatment and recovery

Original price $55.29 - Original price $63.69
Original price
$55.29 - $63.69
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Leg: Left or Right

Size(s): XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, XXXXXL

Provides effective medial/lateral ligament support for a variety of different knee injuries including meniscus tears, arthritis, ligament sprains, and knee strains. It can be used as part of an injury recovery program or for general sports protection as well. It features metal hinges on the sides to resist hyper-extension and has a unique, tacky Skinloc patch over the calf that grabs onto the calf muscle to resist downward brace migration. The Med Spec Gripper knee brace features an open popliteal cutout behind the knee for greater comfort, and a wraparound design for quick, easy fitting. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Internal Skinloc Patch: works in concert to grip the proximal end of the calf muscle and inhibits the brace from migrating distally
  • Outer Closure Straps: Straps are made of quality woven elastic and woven nylon material that allows for numerous applications without fraying or losing closure strength
  • Aluminum Hinges: Pockets are reinforced with ballistic nylon material to protect stitching from metal hinges and improve durability
  • CoolFlex™ Material: Offers enhanced breath-ability
  • Open Popliteal Cutout: Minimizes material bunching during flexion to improve comfort
  • Bilateral Design: Fits either right or left knee
  • US Manufacturing: Higher quality control standards


Measure the circumference 6 inches both above and below the patella (knee cap), as well as across the patella. For the best possible fit, use the mid-patella measurement. 

6in above Patella Mid-patella 6in below Patella
XS 11 - 13in 10 - 12in 10 - 12in
Small 13 - 16in 12 - 14in 12 - 14in
Medium 16 - 18in 14 - 16in 13 - 15in
Large 18 - 21in 16 - 18in 15 - 17in
XL 21 - 24in 18 - 20in 17 - 19in
XXL 24 - 27in 20 - 22in 19 - 21in
XXXL 27 - 31in 22 - 24in 21 - 23in
XXXXL 31 - 35in 24 - 26in 23 - 26in
XXXXXL 35 - 39in 26 - 28in 26 - 29in