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Med Spec Patellavator Knee Orthosis

Knee brace for relieving tendonitis pain with compression and comfort

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The MedSpec Patellavator Knee Orthosis features a unique style designed to provide greater compression for relieving tendonitis knee pain. It is constructed out of breathable CoolFlex material to provide greater comfort during daily use or athletic activity. The padded core inside applies evenly directed pressure on the patella tendon to reduce pain and soreness. The Patellavator has a unique lace-up design which helps increase the tension from the strap for more effective compression over your quadriceps tendon. The interlocking closure is designed to not open up with aggressive use or interfere with the opposite leg during running activities. The knee strap is designed to not create a tourniquet around the leg or irritate the popliteal space behind the knee like many other models so often do. The Med Spec Patellavator knee strap is made here in the US under higher quality control standards and is a favorite of both physicians and patients for treating tendonitis. It can be used to treat patellar tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter disease, and chondromalacia.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Padded Rope Core with External Laces:¬†Applies pressure to patellar tendon
  • Coolflex Material:¬†Does not irritate popliteal since material stretches and breathes
  • Interlocking Closure:¬†Extremely secure and very comfortable
  • Low Profile Design:¬†Does not irritate opposite leg; fits easily inside pant leg or uniform
  • US Manufacturing:¬†Higher quality control standards