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Med Spec Phantom Dorsal Night Splint

Foot brace for nighttime Plantar Fasciitis treatment and recovery

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Foot: Left or Right

Size(s): Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

The¬†Phantom Dorsal Night Splint¬†provides an adjustable stretch to the foot to treat plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon strains. The new lower profile design enhances patient compliance and there are no hard surfaces to contact the opposing leg during sleep. In addition to less bulk, the breathable CoolFlex‚ĄĘ material is cooler to wear.¬†The adjustable aluminum stay inside is heavily padded and can be bent accordingly to provide the right level of dorsiflexion or plantarflexion as needed. Elastic strap material underneath the foot provides extra tension on the plantar fascia by keeping the foot positioned closer to the splint for a more effective stretch.¬†Non-skid material sewn into sole provides traction.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable low profile dorsal design enhances patient compliance and there are no hard surfaces to contact the opposing¬†leg during sleep
  • Made of Coolflex‚ĄĘ material for enhanced breath-ability around the entire
  • Fully padded internal aluminum dorsal stays¬†can be bent to increase or decrease dorsiflexion stretch desired for the right amount of stretch needed
  • Non-skid sole provides better traction when patients need to sit up on the edge of the bed at night (product should not be walked in)
  • Elastic tensioner strapping under mid-foot arch pulls upward to provide additional tension on the plantar fascia
  • Fits left and right foot
  • US manufacturing for higher quality control standards


Sizing based on standard US shoe sizes. 

Women's Men's
Small 5.5 - 8 4.5 - 7
Medium 8.5 - 11 7.5 - 10
Large 11.5 - 13.5 10.5 - 12.5
XL 14 - 16 13 - 15
XXL 16+  15+