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Med Spec Shoulder Immobilizer

Universal shoulder sling for rotator cuff injuries, sprains & strains

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$15.45 - $15.45
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Arm: Left or Right

Size(s): Universal

The Med Spec Shoulder Immobilizer features a soft padded shoulder strap that provides exceptional comfort. In addition, the soft padded waist strap restricts abduction and external rotation of the shoulder. The shoulder and waist strap are also made from a material that provides greater durability and resistance to stretching. The material used in the construction of the envelope on this shoulder immobilizer is durable, yet it is still very comfortable and breathes well. The single plastic ring above the hand allows for easy application of the shoulder strap. Bilateral design fits the right or left shoulder.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft padded shoulder strap: Comfortably distributes weight on healthy shoulder.
  • Soft padded waist strap: Restricts abduction and external rotation of the shoulder.
  • Single plastic ring above hand: Allows for easier application of shoulder strap.


  • Arthroscopic shoulder repairs
  • Shoulder instability
  • Soft tissue shoulder sprains or strains