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Med Spec Tee Pee Thumb Protector

Thumb brace for support and pain relief from sprains and tendonitis

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Hand: Left or Right

Size(s): XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL

When it comes to finding low profile, comfortable support for your thumb, it's hard to beat the Med Spec Tee Pee Thumb Protector. It features a total of three stays around your thumb to provide restriction of movement while allowing full wrist motion. The Tee Pee Thumb Protector is made out of soft felt material that breaths well and holds up to daily use. The wrist strap has some stretch to it that helps add compression and support around your wrist. The product is well suited for use at work and home for treating sprains and tendonitis injuries. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Three stays form a "Tee Pee" that provides a custom fit
  • Encompass the thumb to provide a safe and secure environment following injury
  • Main, dorsal and palmar malleable stays can all be adjusted to customize for each patient
  • Does not restrict wrist motion
  • Perforated suede material improves its evaporation qualities
  • Polypropylene felt wicks moisture away from skin
  • Velstretch strap properly secures base of product while allowing ulnar and radial deviation
  • Fits left or right hand


To determine proper size, measure the distance from the bottom of the hand and start of the wrist to the first knuckle of the thumb.

XS under 3-1/2 inches
Small 3-1/2 - 4-1/8 inches
Medium 4-1/8 - 4-5/8 inches
Large 4-5/8 - 5-1/8 inches
XL  over 5-1/8 inches