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CNF Medical Performance Splinting® Roll Form Fiberglass Splints

Fiberglass splint roll for creating casts & splints with minimal waste

Original price $65.00 - Original price $327.78
Original price
$65.00 - $327.78
Current price $65.00

Length: 15ft

Size(s): 1in, 2in, 3in, 4in, 5in, 6in 

Roll Count: 1 roll per box, 2 rolls per box

The cut-to-length “roll form” is the preferred method used by most hospital ER systems in the market place today. With roll form, there is minimal waste – you simply measure the patient, determine your needed length and cut the same length from the roll form splint. Clipping the foil end with the supplied “chip clip” helps keep the material soft and fresh for the next application. And CNF padded splint products are padded on both sides so there’s no wrong-side application.

Our roll-form splints are 15 feet in length and available in six widths (1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”). All are made with a stretchable hydrophobic polypropylene felt covering both sides for patient protection providing NO wrong-side application. Every Performance Splinting® box contains a convenient “chip clip” that, when properly used, will help keep the remaining unused roll fresh and soft for the next patient application. Set up time is three to four minutes and weight bearing in approximately 20 minutes (depending on the amount of water used and the temperature of the water – warmer water speeds up the set up time). Our one-inch roll form products use five fiberglass layers. All Performance Splinting® products have a three-year shelf life.