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Richmar HydraTherm

Composite polymer tank.

by Richmar
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Original price $2,495.00
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HydraTherm was designed to address the dangers and inconveniences associated with conventional stainless steel heating devices such as: scalding hot temperatures, rust, mildew, and difficult cleaning protocols. The result is a moist heat therapy system that improves infection prevention, reduces the risk of patient injury, and costs less to maintain — requiring as few as two cleanings per year.

Features and Benefits:

  • Composite plastic tank prevents rust formation
  • Low water sensor shuts off heating element when water level drops to an unsafe level
  • Digital thermostat displays current temperature and allows push-button temperature adjustment
  • Two composite pack organization options
    • Divider System with lift handles to give easy access to packs without needing tongs
    • Rack System mimics traditional heater organization options, maximizing tank capacity
  • Optional drain pump speeds up the draining process, and allows the tank to be emptied into a sink
  • Optional side-mount fold-away shelf creates a convenient prep area for heat therapy