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Hely & Weber Shields II Hinged Brace

Knee brace for pre/post-op care for serious knee related injuries

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Leg: Left or Right

Size(s): XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

The Shields II® is lower profile, lighter weight and more breathable, while maintaining the multi-use features of the original and proven Shields® Brace.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides dynamic control of the patella reducing discomfort and enhancing recovery
  • Trakaderm® U-shaped buttress allows for treatment of multiple patella indications and fine tuning the position of the patella no matter the malalignment
  • One brace fits both left and right leg
  • Independent calf and thigh straps adjust for contours of the leg
  • Low Profile and extremely durable
  • Hinges provide medial and lateral stability and can be removed for a step-down application
  • Low profile design allows brace to be worn under clothing

Customer Reviews

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Nothing like it online

My ortho surgeon supplied me with the Hely & Weber knee brace, so you can’t get more bona fide than that for post-operative knee protection. The most reassuring component of this particular brace is the horseshoe-shaped strip of silicone that pads and protects much of your kneecap, which, to me, indicates a measure of empathic thinking in the design of this brace that the majority of others lack.

Customer Reviews

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