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Shuttle Systems Rebounder

Weighted ball rebounder and trampoline for rehab and physical therapy

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The Shuttle Rebound Trampoline is a top-of-the-line rebounder and raises the bar for performance and convenience. Our engineering team has successfully addressed the shortcomings found in other rebounders on the market, such as noise, durability and portability. It produces minimal noise while in use and it also has optimal durability and portability. No assembly is required, either. Simply remove the Shuttle Rebound from the box, release the elastic retainer loops, which make it unfold, and adjust it to the appropriate angle.

Features and Benefits:

  • No Assembly Required: Just remove from the box, release the elastic retainer loops to unfold, and adjust to desired angle.
  • Highest Durability: The Shuttle Rebound uses highest quality galvanized springs and only the most durable materials in mat construction. The frame is designed to accommodate up to 300 lbs. while protecting the trampoline springs.
  • Easy Storage: The lightweight Shuttle Rebound can be folded for easy storage in the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Safe and User-Friendly Operation: With 9 angles of adjustability (0-60°) the Shuttle Rebound is highly adaptable to a range of varying exercises.
  • Quiet Operation: Built using a noise-absorbing composite material, the Rebound's frame provides whisper quiet operation to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Non-Skid Base & Ball Rack: The Rebound’s aluminum frame is designed to withstand movement on carpet and gym flooring when in use, and without the use of heavy weights. It also features a built-in ball rack.


Trampoline is shown with weighted balls. Weighted ball are sold separately.