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Tecton Ketone Hydration Drink

Zero sugar, zero caffeine ketone drink for better energy metabolism

by Tecton
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Flavors: Magma, Glacier

Size(s): 12 pack

Tecton contains nature-identical ketones that you can simply drink. These ketones will provide the same fuel as those produced through the keto diet. Tecton is the world’s only Ketone Hydration drink that contains zero sugar, zero caffeine and no “1,3 butanediol” (a secondary alcohol or ethanol dimer). 

Tecton contains 10g of exogenous ketones which are a more efficient fuel for our cells than sugar. These ketones are metabolized by the mitochondria in our cells in only three steps, as opposed to sugar/glucose that goes through 11 steps, and thus utilize less energy to create more energy. All of this is without giving you the raised heart rate, jitters and the highs and lows of caffeine and sugar based drinks.

Each case contains (12) 12-ounce cans.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 Flavors: Glacier is cool, cheerful and citrusy — a great flavor to chill out with. Magma glows from its passion for life with refreshing fruity berry notes.
  • Supports weight management and intermittent fasting
  • Effective and efficient energy metabolism
  • Muscle recovery and endurance
  • Mental focus and cognitive energy without affecting sleep

You can also drink Tecton as an accompaniment to the Keto Diet. Some people use it as insurance to keep themselves in ketosis even if they accidentally consume a few extra carbs.



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