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THERABAND Hand Exerciser

Hand exerciser perfect for dexterity, extension and strength training

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THERABAND Hand Exercisers are designed to strengthen the hands, wrists, and forearms. These come in five progression levels that can be stretched, squeezed, and pinched while maintaining shape to strengthen grip, increase dexterity, and improve mobility. The regular is 2" in diameter and the extra large is 2-1/3" in diameter.

Training with THERABAND Hand Exercisers are beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis, overuse injury, or engage in activities that require extensive use of the hands, wrists, and forearms. They're recommended for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stress reduction, stroke recovery, and general strengthening.

Microwave for 3 second intervals, for no more than 10 seconds total or freeze the non-toxic, hand exercisers for hot or cold therapy. This method is most useful for individuals that suffer from arthritis or overuse injuries.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft hand exerciser ball used to improve grip strength, hand dexterity, and motor skills
  • Non-messy alternative to hand putty or stress balls
  • Can be heated or cooled to provide therapeutic relief while performing exercises
  • Great training tool for athletes that want to improve hand strength and finger function, such as tennis players, golfers, rock climbers, and more
  • Color-coded resistance levels offers the individual options based on their current strength