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Vive Health Resistance Bands (5-pack)

Latex-free resistance bands for muscle toning & increased flexibility

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Vive Health's resistance bands and perfect for increasing your range of motion while stabilizing muscles. The bands themselves are anti-snap and split-resistant, so they are sure to last through any workout for years to come. These 7-foot bands are a great addition to yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and more. Plus, they are super compact and portable, excellent for workouts on the go. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for rehabilitation and physical therapy: Increase mobility and flexibility progressively, starting with light tension and working up
  • Benefits any workout: Use for general exercise, stretching, strength training or as an integral part of any fitness program
  • Extra long and strong straight bands: Customize your workout with five sturdy and snap-resistant 6’x4” wide bands
  • Extra light to extra heavy resistance: Great for both beginners and athletes alike, choose the level of resistance that is perfect for you

Levels of Resistance:

2 - 4 lbs
8 - 10 lbs
12 - 15 lbs
18 - 20 lbs
25 - 30 lbs