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Woman on tennis court looking down at and holding elbow of arm holding tennis racquet

6 Common Orthopedic Conditions and At-home Treatment Options

Some of the more common orthopedic conditions are a result of cumulative joint stress, while others are from sudden trauma, such as a fall. Whether it's from work, play, a fall, or just overexertion, these damaged joints can really hurt and interfere with our daily activities. Fortunately, many at-home treatment options exist for the most common orthopedic conditions to help make recovery easier, less painful, and even shorter.  

At-home Rehab Aids for 6 Common Orthopedic Complaints 

Some of the most common orthopedic issues require similar treatment, such as resting the injured joint or area, icing it, elevating it if it's swollen, and protecting and stabilizing it. Some may require surgery, but what follows is, again: rest, ice, elevation, and stabilization. Some of the most common orthopedic conditions include:  

  • Rotator cuff issues 
  • Strained back 
  • Tennis elbow 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Meniscus tears 
  • Sprained ankles  

Read on to learn more about each injury and an at-home rehabilitation option that helps you recover.  

1. Rotator Cuff 

Many professions, sports, and leisure activities put an excessive strain, over time, on the rotator cuff, the joint where your arm attaches to your shoulder. Some rotator cuff issues can be addressed without surgery and benefit from good at-home equipment. Rotator cuff surgeries require immobilization and ice for many weeks. Your physician may recommend shifting to heat at some point as well.  

blue elasto-gel hot/cold therapy shoulder wrap on male torso

The Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap provides an ideal solution for post-surgery rehabilitation and can also help address a less serious condition that doesn’t require surgery. This wrap can hold the cold or warm gel right where it needs to be without having to adjust your position or twist your other arm to hold it in place. It adjusts to fit either shoulder, and the gel packs retain heat or cold for 20 to 40 minutes per application. 

2. Strained Back

Back strain is a very common problem that seems to be no respecter of persons. It can be caused by one event or a gradual accumulation of contributing activities or postures. It can also result from hours in a chair or on your feet in the same position or lifting and twisting. Whatever the cause, the pain and loss of mobility can impact daily activities. Fortunately, many at-home treatments exist for back strains.  

Black Therabody Wave Duo home massager

Deep tissue massage is a modality that is often prescribed to relieve the tension in the muscles, relieve pain, and increase mobility. Many products are available to facilitate self-myofascial release, so you can get relief on your own at home. One such product is the ergonomically designed Therabody Wave Duo home massager, which protects your spine while you go deep and get relief.  

3. Tennis Elbow

Elbow tendonitis, often referred to as tennis elbow or golf elbow, can be very debilitating. Aside from curtailing the activities that contributed to it, whether it was golf, tennis, work, or another form of repetitive stress, home treatments can help such as ice and heat therapy can help. Essential to at-home treatment for tennis elbow is sufficient support and protection to stabilize the joint and prevent further injury.  

Incrediwear elbow sleeve

The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve is a comfortable, lightweight, breathable support that can help promote healing and ease pain during activity and afterward. This highly flexible material, embedded with semiconductor elements that release therapeutic negative ions, won’t restrict movement or cause irritation.  


4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is an osteofibrous canal that houses nine tendons and your median nerve. Through repetitive movement, inflammation can put pressure on the nerve, causing pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) accounts for 90% of all entrapment neuropathy (pinched nerves) in the United States. Often caused by repetitive movements such as keyboarding, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, it can also be caused by obesity, pregnancy, arthritis, certain diseases, and trauma.1  

Brownmed Smart Glove

Sufferers of CTS experience pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands. Home (or work) treatment options for mild to moderate CTS include bracing and oral steroids. The patented Brownmed SmartGlove helps prevent and relieve the symptoms of CTS by encouraging proper hand and wrist position.  


5. Meniscus Tear

Knees take a serious beating, especially with sports that have you running and pivoting. Post-surgical rehab can take you out for weeks, but having supportive at-home rehab equipment can make it so much easier.  

Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Knee Splint

The Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Knee Splint is one of the most supportive, comfortable knee splints for post-op recovery, physical therapy, occupational therapy or athletic training. Its unique design combines pneumatic compression (think blood pressure cuff) and cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling during recovery. The pressure pump easily attaches and detaches, and the reusable gel pack is contoured for added comfort.  

6. Ankle Sprain

Common for athletes, hikers, and dancers, ankle sprains can even happen when walking in loose platform sandals or misjudging a curb on a neighborhood stroll. With sprains taking even longer to heal than broken bones, investing in a proper brace will help ease pain during recovery, and help speed it up. 

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

The Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis helps keep your ankle in a stable, neutral position with its unique lacing system. This versatile splint works for inversion or eversion sprains, as well as medial or lateral ankle instability; subtalar joint instability. Its CoolFlex padding provides unmatched comfort along the Achilles tendon and top of the foot.  

Get the Best At-Home Rehab Equipment to Use at Home  

Having to recover from an injury or surgery is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Whether you’re dealing with a work-related injury, sports injury, or just a perfect storm that caused a bad fall, damaged joints, especially the tendons, can take a long time to heal. Why not give them all the support they need for a speedy recovery?  

At OrthOut, we want to make your recovery easier, shorter, and less painful with the very best home rehab aids from our hand-picked, trusted vendors. When you shop with OrthOut for your home rehab gear, you benefit from our more than 20 years of experience working with clinicians and consumers. Plus, when you spend $50 or more, the shipping is free!   

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1 “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,” American Academy of Family Physicians, 


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