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A man running outdoors on a sunny day wearing two lightweight knee compression sleeves

Best Breathable Compression Garments for Summer

For runners, body builders, cyclists and other athletes, compression sleeves are a must have piece of protective gear and rehabilitation equipment. Wearing a compression sleeve applies consistent, yet gentle pressure and support to your vein walls and valves to improve the blood flow from your extremities to your heart. This not only helps prevent injury, but also reduces swelling and supports recovery. Compression sleeves can be an incredible asset to any summer training or exercise routine. However, it’s understandable if you’re a little hesitant to wear them in hot weather while you're already working up a sweat. So if you’re looking for the best breathable compression garments to provide comfortable, breathable support you’re in the right place!

The Best Breathable Compression Garments

Wearing compression garments in the summer doesn’t have to be a hot, sweaty affair. At OrthOut, we have the latest in compression sleeves, protective gear, and rehabilitation equipment to keep you moving, healing, and comfortable year-round.  

Best Breathable Arm Compression Sleeve

A lightweight arm compression sleeve on a white background

The Mueller Graduated Compression Arm Sleeve is a comfortable, breathable solution for injury recovery and prevention, providing 20-30Hg of performance compression. The odor-resistant, moisture management fabric offers stability to muscles in your forearm, elbow, and bicep, while improving circulation, and reducing swelling and fatigue. The Mueller® Exclusive HYDRASHADE™ material even provides UV protection, making it perfect for outdoor exercise year-round. 

Mueller Graduated Arm Compression Sleeve Features and Benefits: 

  • 20-30mmHg of performance compression 
  • Odor resistant, antimicrobial 
  • Moisture management material 
  • Extremely durable fabric 
  • Breathable performance 
  • UV protection fabric 

Best Breathable Knee Compression Sleeve

An athletic person wearing a lightweight knee compression brace

The BioSkin Knee Compression Sleeve is specifically designed to provide comfortable support and pain relief. This easy to wear knee compression garment is made with a durable, yet breathable and lightweight material perfect for warm weather. With medical-grade compression, this knee sleeve is great for mild knee pain due to instability or sprains. Compression also helps improve knee stability, increases circulation, and enhances recovery. The benefits of this breathable knee compression sleeve work together so you can exercise more effectively and move with less pain. 

BioSkin Knee Compression Sleeve Features and Benefits: 

  • Optional stabilizing straps above and below 
  • Hypoallergenic fabric material  
  • Medical-grade compression 
  • No seams behind the knee 
  • Improved Knee Instability 
  • Reduced Knee Pain 
  • Enhanced knee sprain recovery 

Best Cold Therapy Ankle Compression Garment

A person comfortably wearing a premium Ankle Compression brace with running shoes

The Premium Ankle Compression Garment is a wraparound ankle brace with removable comfort gel pad inserts that provides a great alternative to a stiff lace-up brace design. The removable gel pads can be placed in the freezer for cold therapy and fit comfortably behind each of the ankle bones for additional stabilization and swelling control. This unique wraparound design features adjustable flaps that let you fit the brace perfectly to your ankle, for customizable support and stabilization. For even more added comfort and functionality, this ankle compression brace is also slim enough to fit comfortably in your shoes, athletic footwear, or sandals.  

BioSkin Cold Therapy Ankle Compression Brace Features and Benefits: 

  • Removable comfort gel pad inserts that can be frozen for cold therapy 
  • Alternative to a stiff lace-up brace design 
  • Adjustable fit for custom support and stabilization 
  • Trimmable fabric design for a personalized fit 
  • Enhanced ankle sprain recovery 
  • Reduced ankle osteoarthritis pain 
  • Enhanced post-surgery recovery 
  • Ankle swelling control 

Best Discreet Lumbar Compression Wrap

A trim, muscular man wearing a form fitting and very discreet lower back compression wrap

Lower back pain is extremely common and a leading cause of disability in the United States. The low-profile Lumbar Compression Wrap provides customizable support and compression to your lower back and can be worn discreetly under form-fitting shirts, tank tops, workout clothes, or jerseys. This lightweight wrap provides flexible, customizable support and compression for relief for lumbar pain, while also helping with posture. The back wrap features a Velcro attachment that allows you to attach the lumbar pad for targeted compression to the sorest area of the lower back region. The flexible, lightweight siding provides comfortable support even while sitting or bending over. This slim-fitting design is perfect for wearing under lightweight clothing and provides all-day support and comfort. 

Discreet Lumbar Back Compression Wrap Features and Benefits: 

  • Discreet, flexible, and lightweight design that can be worn under clothes 
  • Customizable support and targeted compression to the lower back 
  • Reduced lower back pain / Lumbar pain 
  • Relief from Lumbago 
  • Enhanced lumbar sprain recovery 

Shop the Best Compression Garments and Protective Gear Online 

Breathability and comfort matter, especially when it comes to compression garments. You can find all the best breathable compression garments, protective gear, and more in our online shop and have them shipped directly to your door. Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!  

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