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A woman in athletic clothes massages her sore shoulder for pain relief.

Best Massage Therapy Tools for Pain Relief at Home

Top 6 Massage Therapy Tools for at Home Pain Relief

It’s no secret that massage therapy is a great way to treat orthopedic pain. However, routine professional massages can be costly, and they’re not always feasible for people with busy schedules. Luckily, there are professional-grade massage therapy tools you can use for pain relief in the comfort of your own home. 

Read on to discover the best massage therapy tools for at-home pain relief that you can have shipped right to your door today. 

1. Best Massage Tool for Foot Pain

The alleviate arch massager for foot pain relief at home

The Alleviate Arch Massager is a great go-to massage therapy tool for soothing foot pain. When the arch of your foot is under daily strain, scar tissue begins to form resulting in that painful tightness, pulling, or cramping sensations. 

With the Alleviate Arch massager, you can get a professional-grade foot massage right at home. Using this foot arch massager can help straighten out your muscles and tendons and improve blood flow, allowing your arch to relax into its normal position, and reducing pain. 

It targets hard-to-reach hotspots, gently breaking down that painful scar tissue with an effortless, controlled glide. The materials are also durable and easy to clean, and the rubber grips attached to the legs keep it in place on the floor to allow for maximum pressure. Plus, the folding legs make this tool portable and easy to store.

2. Best Ice Massager for Pain Relief

The Cryocup ice massager for at home pain relief

The Cryocup™ Ice Massage Cup is a massage tool that alleviates bruises, sprains, swelling, and pain. When you’re recovering from an injury or an intense workout, the resulting inflammation can cause painful swelling and overall discomfort. 

With the Cryocup Ice Massage Cup, you can combine both cryotherapy and massage therapy into one 5–10-minute session. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, uses low temperatures to treat orthopedic conditions and soothe pain. When applied to the skin, it helps reduce pain by stimulating local anesthesia naturally produced by the body.  

All it takes is filling up the cup with water and placing it in the freezer. Its ergonomic design is easy to grip and doesn’t freeze your fingers, allowing for complete control over massage pressure for deep tissue penetration and targeted focus on specific pain points. It’s also inexpensive, compact, and portable—perfect for sports bags and glove compartments. 

3. Best Handheld Massager for Everyday Use

A woman uses the Hyperice HyperVolt 2 handheld massage therapy gun for at home pain relief.

If you’re in need of a device that’s proven to support recovery, better sleep, and improved overall comfort, the Hyperice HyperVolt 2 has you covered. Whether you’re recovering from an athletic injury or need support for everyday pain, this handheld massager is designed to deliver the relief you deserve. 

The Hyperice HyperVolt 2 is a handheld massage gun ideal for everyday use, allowing you to achieve a professional-level massage right at home. This ergonomic device has been expertly engineered to deliver high-powered deep tissue massages with minimal noise. 

The massage gun applies deep pressure to trigger points, increasing blood flow and relieving tension. This massage helps soothe pain to improve athletic performance and overall mobility. It’s also Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the Hyperice app, where you can access an entire library of warm-up and recovery plans. 

4. Best Massage Roller for Back and Neck Pain

The therabody wave duo massage roller

For athletes or office workers, back and neck pain can feel like part of the job. Luckily, the Therabody Wave Duo is here to help you tackle everyday discomfort. 

The Therabody Wave Duo is an ergonomically engineered vibrating massage roller equipped with five customized settings you can control from your phone. Its innovative wave texture offers traction control and a balanced level of pressure to help you achieve the perfect at-home massage. 

This high-tech roller is contoured to the back, neck, and spine to give each muscle the support it needs. It’s great for everyday relief, and it also supports recovery by stimulating blood flow and relieving deep tissue tension. 

5. Best Massage Roller for Full-Body Recovery

Therabody Wave Roller

If you’re looking for a massage therapy tool to help with full-body recovery, the versatile Therabody Wave Roller is a great option. This versatile device combines your traditional foam roller with vibration therapy and a unique wave texture, efficiently providing a deep tissue massage.  

With five customized vibration settings you can control from your phone, this roller allows you to adjust your massage experience completely around your specific needs. This wave roller is perfect for supporting large muscle groups, full-body recovery, the hips, and the upper back.  

It’s made from durable, high-density grooved foam that dampens noise and applies multiple angles of pressure with great traction control. It's also hypoallergenic and comes with a 3-hour battery life for prolonged use.

6. Best Back Massager for Knots

Therabody Cane Self-Massager

If you've ever had a sore spot or knot on your back that you can’t reach, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there’s an easy way to address those hard-to-reach knots and pains: the Thera Cane Massager. 

The Thera Cane Massager is a cane-shaped massage therapy tool you can use to ease aches without the help of a professional masseuse. This self-massager is simple but efficient, easing muscle tension by directly applying deep pressure to soft tissue and knots that can be hard to reach otherwise. It's an excellent option for those looking to boost their recovery process or find relief from chronic knots in your shoulders and back. 

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