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A woman stretching on a yoga mat wears kinesio athletic tape.

What is Kinesio Tape?

Have you ever seen athletes covered in strips of colorful tape while watching sporting events? This is kinesio tape, an innovative solution to orthopedic concerns. Kinesio tape can help treat injuries, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve bloodflow. In this guide, we will explain exactly what kinesio tape is, how it’s used in orthopedics, and how it works.

What is Kinesio Tape Used For? 

Kinesio tape is a widely used assistive device for orthopedic conditions. It’s also commonly called K-tape, kinesiology tape, and KT. In the late 1970s, Dr. Kenzo Kase created kinesio tape for athletes as a way to provide extra muscular support that didn’t get in the way or limit movement while training. 

Since then, kinesio tape has become an incredible orthopedic solution for many people and used around the world for more than just athletic purposes. When used effectively, kinesiology can address: 

  • Orthopedic pain 
  • Injuries 
  • Surgery rehabilitation 
  • And more 

Kinesio tape can also help people with labor-intensive professions that involve movement repetition, such as construction workers, mechanics, and factory workers. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to learn how to properly apply Kinesio tape in a pattern that targets your pain points. 

Kinesio Tape for Exercise Rehabilitation

Boxes of Kinesio Tex Gold FP Athletic Tape in beige, blue, red, and black.

One of the most common uses for kinesiology tape is exercise rehabilitation. K tape works wonders for supporting tendons and joints and reducing pain after intense workouts or athletic events. The Kinesio Tex Gold FP Athletic Tape is an excellent option for those interested in the benefits kinesio tape provides. This brand is the original K-tape and uses patented technology to target trigger points and reduce pain. 

Kinesio Tex Gold FP Athletic Tape features and benefits: 

  • Made from high-quality cotton for improved breathability 
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types
  • Water resistant 
  • Protected weave process for improved comfort 
  • Patented orthopedic technology 
  • Manufactured in the USA 

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Injury Rehabilitation

Kinesio tape can be a great solution for injury rehabilitation. When it sticks to the skin, it applies pressure to targeted soft tissue, which helps stabilize the injured area. It also keeps the affected joints, muscles, or tendons in place to prevent further injury. The guided alignment provided by K-tape will also help your injury heal correctly. 

Muscle and Joint Support 

Kinesiology tape also provides muscle and joint support, which can be beneficial for pain management. This is because it relieves tension from affected areas and transfers it to the tape, providing extra orthopedic reinforcement. 

Improved Athletic Performance

Many athletes have reported that k-tape makes them more aware of their muscles while performing. This increased sensitivity can lower the likelihood of strains, tears, and overextensions. Athletes can also use k-tape to train muscles and keep their form pristine. 

How Does Kinesio Tape Work?

A roll of Kinesio Tex Gold FP Athletic Tape in the color black.

Many professionals believe that K tape changes the way your nervous system sends pain signals throughout your body. All tissue in your body contains sensory receptors that send information to the brain. Kinesio tape decompresses these tissues, which modifies the signals being sent to your brain resulting in responses like: 

  • Lifted tension 
  • Improved circulation
  • Boosted lymphatic flow to promote healing 

To put it simply, K-tape supports muscles to prevent further injury, while also stimulating your body’s natural recovery process.  

Benefits of Kinesio Tape 

Kinesiology tape mirrors the skin’s natural elasticity, so it doesn’t limit your movement at all. Since it’s comfortable, waterproof, and painless, you can even wear Kinesio tape for added support while completing everyday activities. Always consult with an orthopedic physical therapist about kinesio tape application, since taping methods may vary depending on your personal situation.  

In addition to being easy to use and comfortable, here are some of the top benefits that kinesiology tape provides: 

  • Treat injuries 
  • Reduce pain 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Boost lymphatic flow 
  • Provide support 
  • Train muscles 
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Promote scar healing 
  • And more 

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